I am a medical provider, facility or hospital and I would like my patient base to have the ability to use E MED STATEMENT; or I would like to learn more about E MED STATEMENT.
Outstanding! We would be happy to welcome you into the E MED STATEMENT family and provide you with all the information you need. Please click here and provide us with some simple contact information. We will be in touch with you shortly to answer any questions you may have and to discuss setup and integration. You may also visit our parent company website at
My medical provider, facility or hospital is a member of E MED STATEMENT and I am unable to setup my account?
E MED STATEMENT very much apologizes for the inconvenience. Sometimes simple data entry errors such as a single missing character in an e-mail address or an old mobile phone number on file can create an account verification problem. Simply click here and complete the form. We will be happy to assist you with the registration and verification process so that you can setup your account and view your E MED STATEMENT.
Why am I unable to setup an E MED STATEMENT account?
Unfortunately, not all medical providers, facilities and hospitals are signed up with E MED STATEMENT. To request for your medical provider, facility or hospital to become members of E MED STATEMENT, click here.
Why do I have a balance?
Each relationship you enter with your medical provider, facility or hospital is unique. In most cases, you the patient will sign a financial policy upon your visit which contracts the business relationship between you and the medical establishment. The medical provider, facility or hospital collects your insurance information and agrees to submit your medical bills to the appropriate insurance payer(s). Often times there are additional co-pays, deductible amounts or medical services that are not paid for by insurance that becomes the responsibility of the patient. These balances are then transitioned from insurance and billed to the patient directly.
Why didn't my insurance pay my bill?
There are several different reasons why a medical bill may not be covered in full. E MED STATEMENT does its best to post all relevant information we receive from your medical provider, facility or hospital practice management and insurance billing systems. Such examples of unpaid services can range from additional co-pays for lab work or x-rays, patients not yet hitting annual deductible amounts, or uncovered medical services. It is also possible that you may have had a lapse in coverage or maybe your employer changed insurance companies? If you have questions surrounding your personal medical balance, we highly suggest you contact your insurance company for a detailed explanation. You can also review the Explanation Of Benefits (EOB) statement your insurance company may have sent you in reference to your visit. Additionally, you can contact the medical provider, facility or hospital billing office or billing company to review your appeal and refiling options.
My medical provider, facility or hospital already collected a payment?
It is common practice that medical offices, facilities and hospitals collect co-pays or deductible payments prior to your visit. However, based on the insurance payer and plan, sometimes these payments simply cover the initial office visit and do not cover additional services such as medical tests, lab work or x-rays. Additional patient fees are identified after your insurance claim has been processed with your insurance company. When this happens, the insurance company notifies the medical provider, facility or hospital of any additional balances a patient is contractually obligated to pay. If you believe your payment was not allocated correctly, you can contact the medical provider, facility or hospital billing office or billing company to review.
Why didn’t my medical provider, facility or hospital collect my balance at the time of my visit?
Sometimes front desks and billing offices can get extremely busy based on the amount of patients seen during any given time of day. Additionally, not all insurance plans are the same and each provide different co-pay, deductible and services fee amounts. This can make it difficult for billing offices to identify the exact amount of money a patient may owe at the time of service. In many cases, the billing office does not know the full amount a patient may owe until the claim is processed by the insurance company. In these cases, the billing office or company has to bill the patient after the claim is processed by insurance.
I don't agree with my balance.
Insurance claims can be confusing and understanding your personal balance at times can be just as difficult. E MED STATEMENT strives to present all patient claim data in an easy to understand electronic format after it is passed on to us. If you do not agree with your balance or believe it is incorrect, please contact the medical provider, facility or hospital billing office or billing company to review.
When is my payment due?
Payment is due within 30 days after the patient has been notified that a remaining balance has been allocated from insurance to patient responsibility. Please refer to your medical provider, facility or hospital financial policy to review any late fees, interest rate or penalty agreements.
What if I cannot pay my entire balance?
E MED STATEMENT is proud to offer patients several options to pay their personal medical bills. Visit the PAY NOW page to review your payment plan options or schedule multiple smaller payment amounts. We are here to help and will continue to offer patients with payment solutions.
Does E MED STATEMENT accept credit cards?
Yes! E MED STATEMENT accepts all major credits cards including Discover, AMEX, Master Card and VISA as well as any affiliated HSA cards.
Does E MED STATEMENT accept checks?
Yes! E MED STATEMENT has the ability to process a ACH transaction via the bank and routing information from your checks. Please visit the ACH links on the PAY NOW payment link.
If I make a payment today, how long does it take to reflect in my account?
E MED STATEMENT batches and sends all payments to the medical provider, facility or hospital billing offices or billing companies on a daily basis. On average, it takes less than 24-48 hours to have this payment posted in their billing software. All payments will be allocated to your account on the day it was made to avoid any late fees, interest or penalties. You will be sent an e-mail confirmation of any payments you make through the PAY NOW link for your records.
How do I reset my user name or password?
You can follow the links to obtain your user name or reset your password at the LOGIN prompt. You can also access this information from the Account Settings tab once you are logged into your account.
Where can I update my account information?
Once you successfully LOGIN, click on the My Profile tab in your account. From the My Profile tab, you can update you address information, phone numbers and e-mail.
What is My Alerts?
The My Alerts tab is a consolidation of all the communications, payments and reminders sent to you from E MED STATEMENT. This is a central location where you can view any payments you made, scheduled payments, payment plan agreements, communications, and any balance reminders.
I have a question but it has not been addressed in this list of frequently asked questions.
All of us at E MED STATEMENT apologize that your question was not addressed within this listing. We are committed to serving you any way possible. Please click here and one of our E MED STATEMENT agents will contact your promptly.