At E MED STATEMENT, we believe in providing simple and easy solutions to personal responsibility medical statements. Sound like a weird and specific niche? You bet! But the statistics for the lack of personal medical bills paid and the percent of medical debt listed on credit bureaus is overwhelming. Bottom line, medical bills are way more confusing than they need to be.

That's where E MED STATEMENT comes in...

We take those difficult, hard to read medical bills and simplify them. We also use technology to provide those statements to patients in electronic formats so that they can be viewed and paid anywhere at any time. The result is a win-win situation for patients and medical facilities.


E MED STATEMENT bridges personal finance gaps between patients and medical offices. Our solutions are rooted in technology, patient centric communication and education. Our goal is simple. We aim to provide easy to understand personal patient responsibility medical bill statements in conjunction with accelerated payments to medical providers.